Its specific geographical position gives the Municipality of Trebnje a special distinction: through it runs the 15th MERIDIAN, determining a longitude of 15000'00''. Meridians are imaginary semicircles joining the North and South Poles and all the places where sunrise, noon and sunset occur at the same time. Owing to the rotation of the Earth about its own axis, the grid of meridians is extremely important in determining the date line and time zones on the Earth.

The Earth is divided into 24 time zones, at intervals of 150.All the places within the same time zone have the same time, which differs by an hour from the neighbouring zone. All the places within the same time zone set their time by the meridian running precisely through its centre.


Time zones have their own numbers and names. The zero time zone is the one through which the Prime Meridian, also known as the Zero Meridian or the Greenwich Meridian, passes, in which Greenwich Mean Time or Universal Time (UT), i.e. Western European Time, applies.

In the next time zone to the East, Time Zone No 1, Central European Time applies. Through it runs a meridian which is precisely 150 distant from the Greenwich Meridian.

It is this meridian that runs through Trebnje and determines the exact time within the Central European Time Zone.

The 15th Meridian is marked in Trebnje by a large board standing by the regional road at the entrance to Trebnje (coming from the direction of Ljubljana). On the board you will see a digital, radio-controlled clock showing exact Central European Time.

The stone marker of the 15th Meridian at Vrhtrebnje is built at a point offering a panoramic view. A stone table supports a bronze relief of Slovenia showing the principal towns and peaks, at the course of the 15th Meridian.