The Jurij Homestead, a monument of local importance, is located in th settlement of Občine at the edge of the region of Dry Carniola. Due to cultural, ethnological, regional, historic and other exceptional characteristics it has a special meaning for sharing information about the life of country folk in the time before, during and right after the World War II.

The homestead is compact and is composed of a single- storey harmhouse, an out-house, a wooden granary, a barn, a well, a trellis and an orchard. In the past a stable and a hayrack were also part of the homestead, but they were not preserved.

The residential building is composed of a single storey, part stone and part wood, covered with a straw gable roof with endpoints on both sides of the ridge. Inside there is a hall with a rural »black« kitchen and a room for drying meats (Slovenian colloquial »šija«), a storage room (»špajza«), a bigger room (»hiša«), a closet, a smoller room (»štiblc«) and the oldest part from 1508: a cekkar. In front of the house there is a wooden trellis and at the back a wooden pigsty.

The barn is a single- storey, wooden building with a straw gable rood. It was built after 1730, remade and expanded after 1848. A hay cart stands under its jutting roof. Next to the barn there is an orchard with old varietied of apple and pear thees, and on the other side of the road a single- storey wooden cover and a lever made from oak wood.

After visiting the homestead you will be touched by the spirit of the past and the inerconnection of memories and new discoveries!

 Video of Jurij's homestad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOMPv_IEhOE 

Visitors can view the inside of the Jurij Homestead by prior arrangement with the homestead manager Uroš Primc at M: 00386 (0)31 520 721 or  via E: uros.primc01@gmail.com

Address: Jurij Homestead, Občine 11, Dobrnič